Robotech: Sable Saga

Early 2011

Short, battle-filled return to Earth and back to space again….

Early 2011 (January-April)

The SDF-1 finally manages to fight its way through the Zentraedi blockade and touches down on Earth in the early days of 2011. While the crew and civilians are thrilled to see the blue skies of Earth and the blue of the Pacific Ocean where the Fortress has touched down; they are soon dismayed to learn that Earth HQ is not allowing them to disembark anywhere in the United Nations.

Captain Gloval, dismayed by the situation, decides to risk things a bit and he allows Macross’ number one celebrity Lynn Minmei to fly home to Japan in the civilian fan-jet piloted by 1st LT Rick Hunter of Skull Squadron. They soon return, with an unexpected passenger in the form of old family friend, Lynn Kyle and the crew learn that Earth HQ had reported everyone on Macross Island to have died in some kind of hush-hush accident. Gloval becomes more determined than ever to find somewhere to get the civilians off his ship so that he will no longer have to worry about the safety of some 60,000+ civilian lives.

Sable Team reports back to duty and soon after Minmei and Kyle have returned back to the SDF; they find themselves on a patrol over the Pacific when a detachment of Zentraedi mecha and a Purple-instead-of-green capital ship enter the atmosphere and make an attack run on the floating Fortress. They are vectored into the path of 5 strangely configured mecha; and they soon find themselves up against Battloid-esque vehicles which move faster and which much more agility than anything they have previously battled against. The enemy mecha move rapidly towards the 3 Veritechs in Fighter Mode and begin evasive maneuvers while closing to short range. Sable Team fires half a dozen medium missiles at medium range, but the vast majority of the missiles fail to connect with the agile, dodging mecha, and only one is damaged by a near-miss; and that one only lightly!

They the mecha are at short-range and an unprecedented amount of light missiles comes boiling out of shoulder and hip mounted launchers and all three Sable Team members find themselves going into desperate evasive maneuvers while firing back with bursts from their cannons and Rob and Alex quickly find their machines damaged; though Dae-Han manages to avoid taking any hits for the moment and the damaged Zentraedi mecha is destroyed while another one is damaged as well. The fight quickly escalates however and soon missiles, cannon-fire and laser bolts are flashing through the skies between the two groups of opponents.

Rob manages to take down a second enemy mecha, at the cost of his Veritech being crippled by rapid-fire energy cannon while Alex fires off ALL of her remaining missiles at once and disposes of the earlier damaged Mecha while crippling yet another. Dae-Han takes light damage as he damages the last of the untouched mecha in return with his gunpod; but there is little question that this fight has proven to be just about the toughest match Sable Team has ever been in.

De Aza puts her fighter into Full Evasive mode as a dozen missiles come screaming her way while Rob does the same with his barely-flying Veritech as well and somehow, both manage to avoid further damage while Dae-Han takes a scary near-miss but in reply manages to destroy another of the deadly mecha while the Crippled mecha is slowly trying to retreat and the last fully operational mecha attempts to deal with both Rob and Alex at the same time.

Alex pulls off an amazing maneuver and a pair of perfectly placed bursts from her gun-pod to take out the Zentraedi mecha while Cole manages to pull off some equally amazing maneuvers to dodge and shoot down all of the missiles coming his way that the alien machine managed to get-off before being destroyed.

Dae-Han mopped up by taking out the last, crippled mecha, but he managed to get crippled in return by the last wave of missiles the Zentraedi surprised him with before becoming a fireball. The 2 crippled and 1 just-shot-up Veritechs returned to the SDF 1 at his point to learn the devastating news that although the strange ‘new’ Zentraedi mecha and capital ship had been fought off; it had come at a high price. Many veteran pilots; including the legendary ace LCDR Roy Fokker of Skull Squadron, had fallen to the enemy….

After the sobering losses sustained in the Pacific Ocean battle, several bits of news start to sweep through the crew and civilians on board the ship. First; several new Pilot-material-recruits are quietly ‘scouted’ and fast-tracked into training; including former enlisted/newly promoted 3rd LT Nestor ‘Nes’ Santiago and a transfer from Recon Pilot to Veritech Pilot by 3rd LT Chin-Sun ‘Sunny’ Kang. Also; the independent city-state of Quebec had agree to temporarily house the civilians on board the SDF-1, much to Captain Gloval’s relief. Next; according to the Robotech engineers looking over several wrecked Zentraedi mecha brought aboard after the last battle, they appeared to have been flown by female Zentraedi pilots. Finally, word was that new, heavily armed ‘Fast Pack’ armor/thruster/missile pod equipment was rapidly nearing the completion stage for deployment on the dwindling number of Veritech fighters on board the Fortress.

As the SDF 1 slowly flew towards Quebec, they could soon see the city filling the windows and screens as the Fortress grew very close to setting down just outside the city to begin the off-loading of the civilian population. The inhabitants of Macross were of mixed feelings about this; many sad to have to leave this ‘city on a ship’ they had created and others glad to hopefully be out of the conflict for good. A wild party attended by the members of Team Sable on the night before the off-loading was to begin had lead to several complications in the lives of the veteran team.

A drunken Alex had gone topless at one point during the party and had photographed by numerous party-goers while in this state of undress and the pictures had made the rounds. Her boyfriend Collin MacGreggor had NOT been pleased and a loud argument the next morning with an angry De Aza, suffering from a hangover, had led to their break-up.

Dae-Han Kang had had one too many drinks as well, and upon gaining an audience of nearly-worshiping young pilots eating up his tales of combat and heroics, he had been more than a little boastful of his and his team and his squadron’s exploits. A nearby Lion Squadron pilot by the name of 2nd LT Alphonse ‘Big Al’ Feretti had taken offense and he proceeded to wait right outside the bar and when Kang left, he was set upon and quickly roughed up by the angry pilot. Eventually coming home to his apartment; his wife Tatyana was NOT happy to find her beat-up and hung-over husband in such a sorry state while she had been dealing with their infant son all day and night and she proceeded to make his morning every bit as bad as his night had been when he finally regained consciousness….

Rob Cole had just barely managed to not succumb to the amorous advances of a young lady a the bar who found him quite dashing in his uniform; but when he returned home to his girlfriend Gladys, he pounced on her and though he wouldn’t know it for another month and a half; his girlfriend would become pregnant that very night.

Late the following morning; all three of Team Sable members were nursing headaches when the alarm sounded and the word that a large force of Zentraedi capital ships and Battle Pods were entering the atmosphere and headed straight for them. The ‘good’ news was that they were the familiar green-painted ships and battlepod mecha; the bad news was that the unloading of the civilians had NOT yet started.

The SDF 1 fired it powerful main gun and trimmed down the opposition quite a bit while scrambling the Veritechs to deal with the numerous battlepods and then she activated the vastly improved ‘Barrier Shield’ which now protected the entire ship in an energy ‘bubble’. Team Sable tore through the ranks of numerous enemy mecha; but the capital ships opened up on the Fortress with a massive bombardment of energy bolts and soon the Barrier Shield was glowing with an enormous surge of overloaded capacity. The Veritechs were all ordered to make best speed AWAY from the SDF right before the shield reflected the energy in all directions as it ‘popped’; keeping the SDF 1 in the heart of the storm safe; but destroying virtually everything else in a several mile radius in all directions; including several Veritech fighters, most of the Zentraedi capital ships and most unfortunately, the city of Quebec.

The next couple of weeks on the ship were perhaps the darkest since first finding themselves adrift in the outer reaches of the solar system almost a year and a half ago. With all of Earth demanding they leave and draw the aliens away; Gloval had little choice but to break Earth Orbit and attempt to do exactly that. Much of the crew and civilian population were numb with loss and angry and in despair over ever finding any king of lasting break from the fighting; but Lynn Minmei and her close companion Lynn Kyle did take everyone’s mind off their troubles for a little while by shooting a martial-arts film called ‘Little White Dragon’; entirely on board the ship and this did much to distract everyone from the current situation.

Alex De Aza, hurting from her break-up with Collin; found herself getting more and more invested in alcohol while Dae-Han found himself increasingly stressed out after finding out that he was now the X.O. of the much diminished Black Aces squadron and his responsibilities seemingly grew exponentially. Rob did his best to forgo gambling for awhile and tried to find as much peace and solace as he could with Gladys and his Brother, Sister-in-law and young nephew.

After a couple of months had gone by; the Zentraedi attacked the ship again; though this time they had come up with a crafty strategy. Attacking with one Capital ship that came into point-blank range; they had specially reinforced the ship’s innards in the expectation that the ship would be hit with a ‘Daedalus attack’; and sure enough, that is exactly what happened. Upon the Daedalus’ bow opening and the Destroid firing inside the alien ship; a special wave of per-positioned Battlepods destroyed the Destroids and board the ship through the carrier.

Making their way all the way to the streets of Macross City; much damage was done and Team Sable found itself in Battloid mode, fighting street to street and the situation looked increasingly grim when the strangest thing occurred. Many of the enemy pods seemed to stop in the midst of fighting and several of them started firing on each other! Soon enough, the enemy attack had faltered and a small contingent, led by a particularly hard-fighting Officer’s Battle Pod, escaped the ship; leaving a fair bit of Macross in dis-array.

In the days following the attack, during the clean-up efforts; some extremely surprising news shocked the population of the Fortress. Several dozen Zentraedi had micronized themselves to human size and were requesting asylum. Several OTHER micronized Zentraedi had apparently been onboard for months, as spies and they too requested asylum. Finally, a single female Zentraedi had micronized herself and not only had she requested asylum; but rumor had it that she was engaged to be married to none other than 2nd LT Max Sterling of Skull Squadron; the greatest veritech aces in the Defense Forces!

Things had DEFINITELY taken a turn for the stranger onboard the SDF 1…..

Dae-Han Kang and Alex De Aza were both awarded the SPACY Cross for their actions in the recent conflict; while Rob Cole was awarded his second Platinum Sunburst. Both Dae-Han and Cole had passed the 30 victory mark with Rob at 33 and Kang at 32 confirmed scores. Alex was close behind with 25 victories.



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