1st LT Alejandra 'Alex' De Aza

Nate's Character


Age: 23 (JUNE 5, 1990)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Native Language: Spanish

Immediate Heir: Nestor ‘Nes’ Santiago
Future Potential Heirs:

Victories: 32
Awards: Pilot’s Medal x6, Gold Sunburst, Platinum Sunburst, SPACY Cross x2

CHA: 3D Persuasion: 5D, Bargain: 4D

DEX: 3D+1 Dodge: 4D+1, Brawling Parry: 4D+1, Firearms: 4D+1, Melee: 4D

KNOW: 3D Language: English 4D, Streetwise: 4D, Technology: 3D+1

MECH: 4D V. Games: 5D, Pilot: 6D, Mecha: 4D+1, Gny: 5D, Ord: 6D+2,
S/C: 4D+1

PER: 3D+1 Search: 4D

STR: 2D+1 Brawling: 4D, Stamina 3D

TECH: 2D Computer Op. 4D

Equipment: Collapsible Baton, Sidearm, Rocket Launcher w/3 rockets

Wound/Stun Staus:

Luck Points: 2 Skill Pts: Honor: 4 Glory: 8

Passions & Traits:

Chaste/Lust: 6; Mercy/Vengeance: 13; Discipline/Reckless: 11; Loyal/Selfish: 14 Modest/Proud: 9; Committed/Available: 7; Valor/Coward: 15; Honesty/Deceit: 10 Trust/Suspicion: 12; Fertile/Infertile: 8


Born in Florida to a Dominican-American father and Cuban Mother; her Father worked for various U.S./U.E.D.F. military and Intel Agencies as a cleared IT tech while her mother was a nurse.

Her mother passed away when she was 11 from breast cancer and eventually her Father was stationed at Macross Island; working at the Defense Force base there.

Alex was quite a tomboy and video-game enthusiast; after she graduated high school she worked part time at the Arcade and was generally unsure of where to go in her life when the Macross attack happened.

Her father was killed in the attack and she had quite an experience helping out an Infantry squad take out a GIant Alien with a rocket launcher. She was then caught up in the Space Fold in one of the protected Shelters. She soon joined the Defense Force and was trained as a Veritech Pilot.

Assigned to Sable Team in the Black Aces squadron she has quickly gained quite a name for herself; recently racking up 9 victories in a single mission.

1st LT Alejandra 'Alex' De Aza

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