Robotech: Sable Saga

Early 2011
Short, battle-filled return to Earth and back to space again….

Early 2011 (January-April)

The SDF-1 finally manages to fight its way through the Zentraedi blockade and touches down on Earth in the early days of 2011. While the crew and civilians are thrilled to see the blue skies of Earth and the blue of the Pacific Ocean where the Fortress has touched down; they are soon dismayed to learn that Earth HQ is not allowing them to disembark anywhere in the United Nations.

Captain Gloval, dismayed by the situation, decides to risk things a bit and he allows Macross’ number one celebrity Lynn Minmei to fly home to Japan in the civilian fan-jet piloted by 1st LT Rick Hunter of Skull Squadron. They soon return, with an unexpected passenger in the form of old family friend, Lynn Kyle and the crew learn that Earth HQ had reported everyone on Macross Island to have died in some kind of hush-hush accident. Gloval becomes more determined than ever to find somewhere to get the civilians off his ship so that he will no longer have to worry about the safety of some 60,000+ civilian lives.

Sable Team reports back to duty and soon after Minmei and Kyle have returned back to the SDF; they find themselves on a patrol over the Pacific when a detachment of Zentraedi mecha and a Purple-instead-of-green capital ship enter the atmosphere and make an attack run on the floating Fortress. They are vectored into the path of 5 strangely configured mecha; and they soon find themselves up against Battloid-esque vehicles which move faster and which much more agility than anything they have previously battled against. The enemy mecha move rapidly towards the 3 Veritechs in Fighter Mode and begin evasive maneuvers while closing to short range. Sable Team fires half a dozen medium missiles at medium range, but the vast majority of the missiles fail to connect with the agile, dodging mecha, and only one is damaged by a near-miss; and that one only lightly!

They the mecha are at short-range and an unprecedented amount of light missiles comes boiling out of shoulder and hip mounted launchers and all three Sable Team members find themselves going into desperate evasive maneuvers while firing back with bursts from their cannons and Rob and Alex quickly find their machines damaged; though Dae-Han manages to avoid taking any hits for the moment and the damaged Zentraedi mecha is destroyed while another one is damaged as well. The fight quickly escalates however and soon missiles, cannon-fire and laser bolts are flashing through the skies between the two groups of opponents.

Rob manages to take down a second enemy mecha, at the cost of his Veritech being crippled by rapid-fire energy cannon while Alex fires off ALL of her remaining missiles at once and disposes of the earlier damaged Mecha while crippling yet another. Dae-Han takes light damage as he damages the last of the untouched mecha in return with his gunpod; but there is little question that this fight has proven to be just about the toughest match Sable Team has ever been in.

De Aza puts her fighter into Full Evasive mode as a dozen missiles come screaming her way while Rob does the same with his barely-flying Veritech as well and somehow, both manage to avoid further damage while Dae-Han takes a scary near-miss but in reply manages to destroy another of the deadly mecha while the Crippled mecha is slowly trying to retreat and the last fully operational mecha attempts to deal with both Rob and Alex at the same time.

Alex pulls off an amazing maneuver and a pair of perfectly placed bursts from her gun-pod to take out the Zentraedi mecha while Cole manages to pull off some equally amazing maneuvers to dodge and shoot down all of the missiles coming his way that the alien machine managed to get-off before being destroyed.

Dae-Han mopped up by taking out the last, crippled mecha, but he managed to get crippled in return by the last wave of missiles the Zentraedi surprised him with before becoming a fireball. The 2 crippled and 1 just-shot-up Veritechs returned to the SDF 1 at his point to learn the devastating news that although the strange ‘new’ Zentraedi mecha and capital ship had been fought off; it had come at a high price. Many veteran pilots; including the legendary ace LCDR Roy Fokker of Skull Squadron, had fallen to the enemy….

After the sobering losses sustained in the Pacific Ocean battle, several bits of news start to sweep through the crew and civilians on board the ship. First; several new Pilot-material-recruits are quietly ‘scouted’ and fast-tracked into training; including former enlisted/newly promoted 3rd LT Nestor ‘Nes’ Santiago and a transfer from Recon Pilot to Veritech Pilot by 3rd LT Chin-Sun ‘Sunny’ Kang. Also; the independent city-state of Quebec had agree to temporarily house the civilians on board the SDF-1, much to Captain Gloval’s relief. Next; according to the Robotech engineers looking over several wrecked Zentraedi mecha brought aboard after the last battle, they appeared to have been flown by female Zentraedi pilots. Finally, word was that new, heavily armed ‘Fast Pack’ armor/thruster/missile pod equipment was rapidly nearing the completion stage for deployment on the dwindling number of Veritech fighters on board the Fortress.

As the SDF 1 slowly flew towards Quebec, they could soon see the city filling the windows and screens as the Fortress grew very close to setting down just outside the city to begin the off-loading of the civilian population. The inhabitants of Macross were of mixed feelings about this; many sad to have to leave this ‘city on a ship’ they had created and others glad to hopefully be out of the conflict for good. A wild party attended by the members of Team Sable on the night before the off-loading was to begin had lead to several complications in the lives of the veteran team.

A drunken Alex had gone topless at one point during the party and had photographed by numerous party-goers while in this state of undress and the pictures had made the rounds. Her boyfriend Collin MacGreggor had NOT been pleased and a loud argument the next morning with an angry De Aza, suffering from a hangover, had led to their break-up.

Dae-Han Kang had had one too many drinks as well, and upon gaining an audience of nearly-worshiping young pilots eating up his tales of combat and heroics, he had been more than a little boastful of his and his team and his squadron’s exploits. A nearby Lion Squadron pilot by the name of 2nd LT Alphonse ‘Big Al’ Feretti had taken offense and he proceeded to wait right outside the bar and when Kang left, he was set upon and quickly roughed up by the angry pilot. Eventually coming home to his apartment; his wife Tatyana was NOT happy to find her beat-up and hung-over husband in such a sorry state while she had been dealing with their infant son all day and night and she proceeded to make his morning every bit as bad as his night had been when he finally regained consciousness….

Rob Cole had just barely managed to not succumb to the amorous advances of a young lady a the bar who found him quite dashing in his uniform; but when he returned home to his girlfriend Gladys, he pounced on her and though he wouldn’t know it for another month and a half; his girlfriend would become pregnant that very night.

Late the following morning; all three of Team Sable members were nursing headaches when the alarm sounded and the word that a large force of Zentraedi capital ships and Battle Pods were entering the atmosphere and headed straight for them. The ‘good’ news was that they were the familiar green-painted ships and battlepod mecha; the bad news was that the unloading of the civilians had NOT yet started.

The SDF 1 fired it powerful main gun and trimmed down the opposition quite a bit while scrambling the Veritechs to deal with the numerous battlepods and then she activated the vastly improved ‘Barrier Shield’ which now protected the entire ship in an energy ‘bubble’. Team Sable tore through the ranks of numerous enemy mecha; but the capital ships opened up on the Fortress with a massive bombardment of energy bolts and soon the Barrier Shield was glowing with an enormous surge of overloaded capacity. The Veritechs were all ordered to make best speed AWAY from the SDF right before the shield reflected the energy in all directions as it ‘popped’; keeping the SDF 1 in the heart of the storm safe; but destroying virtually everything else in a several mile radius in all directions; including several Veritech fighters, most of the Zentraedi capital ships and most unfortunately, the city of Quebec.

The next couple of weeks on the ship were perhaps the darkest since first finding themselves adrift in the outer reaches of the solar system almost a year and a half ago. With all of Earth demanding they leave and draw the aliens away; Gloval had little choice but to break Earth Orbit and attempt to do exactly that. Much of the crew and civilian population were numb with loss and angry and in despair over ever finding any king of lasting break from the fighting; but Lynn Minmei and her close companion Lynn Kyle did take everyone’s mind off their troubles for a little while by shooting a martial-arts film called ‘Little White Dragon’; entirely on board the ship and this did much to distract everyone from the current situation.

Alex De Aza, hurting from her break-up with Collin; found herself getting more and more invested in alcohol while Dae-Han found himself increasingly stressed out after finding out that he was now the X.O. of the much diminished Black Aces squadron and his responsibilities seemingly grew exponentially. Rob did his best to forgo gambling for awhile and tried to find as much peace and solace as he could with Gladys and his Brother, Sister-in-law and young nephew.

After a couple of months had gone by; the Zentraedi attacked the ship again; though this time they had come up with a crafty strategy. Attacking with one Capital ship that came into point-blank range; they had specially reinforced the ship’s innards in the expectation that the ship would be hit with a ‘Daedalus attack’; and sure enough, that is exactly what happened. Upon the Daedalus’ bow opening and the Destroid firing inside the alien ship; a special wave of per-positioned Battlepods destroyed the Destroids and board the ship through the carrier.

Making their way all the way to the streets of Macross City; much damage was done and Team Sable found itself in Battloid mode, fighting street to street and the situation looked increasingly grim when the strangest thing occurred. Many of the enemy pods seemed to stop in the midst of fighting and several of them started firing on each other! Soon enough, the enemy attack had faltered and a small contingent, led by a particularly hard-fighting Officer’s Battle Pod, escaped the ship; leaving a fair bit of Macross in dis-array.

In the days following the attack, during the clean-up efforts; some extremely surprising news shocked the population of the Fortress. Several dozen Zentraedi had micronized themselves to human size and were requesting asylum. Several OTHER micronized Zentraedi had apparently been onboard for months, as spies and they too requested asylum. Finally, a single female Zentraedi had micronized herself and not only had she requested asylum; but rumor had it that she was engaged to be married to none other than 2nd LT Max Sterling of Skull Squadron; the greatest veritech aces in the Defense Forces!

Things had DEFINITELY taken a turn for the stranger onboard the SDF 1…..

Dae-Han Kang and Alex De Aza were both awarded the SPACY Cross for their actions in the recent conflict; while Rob Cole was awarded his second Platinum Sunburst. Both Dae-Han and Cole had passed the 30 victory mark with Rob at 33 and Kang at 32 confirmed scores. Alex was close behind with 25 victories.

Late 2010
Mice among Giants

Late 2010 (November-ish)

3rd LT Rob Cole was just beginning to finally get over the stress of his near-death in combat at the hands of the Zentraedi Captain Thrajino in his Officer’s Battle Pod; when he was selected to be one of the special few to test pilot the new Armored Battloid on a protective patrol near the SDF-1. Making his way to the Hangar Bay; he took in the sight of the VF-1A in Battloid mode; wrapped in layers of blow-away armor and fitted with 70 short-range missile tubes. Promising to be very careful with the new Mecha; he moved out on his patrol.

A few hours later Rob Cole was beginning to get a bit sleepy at the controls when he noticed over a dozen contacts on his sensor screen; coming fast into his sector. He relayed a message to the SDF-1 that he had about 15 bandits moving in and that he could use a little bit of help and he wasn’t exactly reassured when he got a reply from the excitable, little-girl voice of 3rd LT Sammie Porter saying that ‘Indigo Team’ of Skull Squadron had been scramble and would be at his position in approximately 2 and a half minutes. Hoping that he had that long; Rob moved to intercept the pack of bandits; which were revealed to be a dozen Battlepods; two Light Artillery Pods and a Heavy Artillery Pod.

Cole did his best to dodge the long-range fire from the Pods’ Particle Cannons and he used his Gunpod to destroy 3 out of 4 of the medium missiles the Heavy Artillery Pod fired at him but the last one slammed into him; but his heavily armored Battloid took the damage better than he expected. As soon as the enemy ‘horde’ were in range; he opened up with a massive salvo of missiles and he took great delight in watching half-a-dozen of the pods explode. Then he was in a short-range swarm of a fight with the remaining enemy mecha; and he took hit after hit while using his remaining missiles and Gunpod to continue to take out Pods here and there. A Particle Cannon blast clipped the side of the Battloid’s head and parts of Rob’s controls exploded out and slammed into the side of his head and the last thing he remembered was the sight of a trio of Veritechs in Skull Squadron colors taking out the few remaining Pods.

Cole was brought back to the SDF-1 after racking up 10 victories and having his new Armored Battloid almost destroyed; but courageously fighting off the Zentraedi long enough for Indigo Team to get there and finish off the few remaining Pods. Cole wasn’t really aware of this though as he would spend the next few days in the medical bay with a fractured skull and the next month on light duty, recovering from his serious injury. During that time; his girlfriend Gladys would come by every day and he would be promoted to 2nd LT and receive the Platinum Sunburst Medal. While he was recovering though; his teammates would have quite an experience of their own….

On Thanksgiving Day; 1st LT Kang and 2nd LT De Aza were on patrol when a Zentraedi Scout Cruiser moved in towards the SDF-1 and unleashed an attack with most of its complement of Battlepods and Fighter Pods. The two fighter Sable Team was vectored towards a Cat’s Eye Recon plane which had been damaged and was reporting that a strange; not-seen-before Mecha with ‘hands’ was moving in to capture the craft. Dae-Han and Alex raced in to see the disturbing sight of a Zentraedi Captial Ship nearby and a pack of Battlepods firing at them while a mecha that somewhat resembled an unarmed Officer’s Pod; using its arms to grasp the damaged Cat’s Eye Recon Plane and pull it into the Hangar Bay of the Cruiser.

Kang fought like a demon and used his missiles and Gunpod to rapidly take out no fewer than 6 enemy Pods; but his Veritech took catastrophic damage in return; and he was forced to eject the cockpit and nose of his Fighter with Alex radioing over that she would transform to Guardian mode and carry his ejected canopy section. De Aza’s aim was uncharacteristically off; and she had only managed to take out a pair of enemy Pods when she switched modes and snatched Dae-Han’s canopy section before taking crippling hits and just barely managing to her get flaming wreck of a Guarding on a course to crash land onto the enemy ship’s hangar bay….

2nd LT Alex De Aza manages to just barely crash land onto the hangar bay of the Zentraedi Cruiser; while cradling 1st LT Dae-Han Kang’s detached canopy-nose section of his destroyed Veritech fighter like a mother cradling an infant. As the flaming wreck came to a screeching halt; they noticed the damaged Cat’s Eye Recon plane in one-section of the mostly empty, massive hangar-bay; and about a dozen Battlepods and half-that number of Fighter Pods; all unmanned and parked in a seemingly hap-hazard manner.

Alex snatched up her 3-round Rocket Launcher and her sidearm; set her Veritech for self-destruct and hopped out of her ruined fighter while Kang was doing the same; except he was armed with an Assault Rifle and his sidearm. The two of them quickly rushed across the Hangar Bay to hide behind the foot of one of the Battlepods as the remnants of the two veritechs exploded into a millions pieces of metal and glass. Shortly after that, a pair of armed and armored Zentraedi foot-soldiers entered the Hangar and began to patrol the massive room, clearly looking for any signs of the pilots of the destroyed Veritechs. Dae-Han and Alex quickly came to the conclusion that they would have to destroy the Cat’s Eye; to prevent any information still in its computer systems from falling into enemy hands; as well as to determine what had happened to the crew of the plane.

Moving stealthily and greatly aided by the fact that they were on a ship built for beings 40+ feet tall; the two of them were quickly able to move to the Cat’s Eye without being spotted by the enemy foot soldiers. The twin canopies were empty; though one had a significant amount of blood in it. Dae-Han set the self-destruct switch and the two pilots once again raced away to take cover behind enemy mecha. Within moments the recon plane exploded and the two foot soldiers rushed over and one of them quickly went to a wall-mounted intercom and in a rumbling bass voice in an alien tongue; reported the situation. Unwilling to attempt an escape without first trying to figure out the status of the two crewmen; Alex and Kang quickly decided to explore the equivalent of a ‘mouse-hole’ at the base of the wall; and they were soon traversing inside the wall; using small flashlights that were part of their survival gear to see by.

It quickly became apparent that the enemy ships were not swept clean, nor in particularly good working order. There were numerous openings to various rooms and corridors and they poked their heads out here and there; seeing a closet with numerous uniforms hanging on racks; a monstrously huge corridor that was very dusty and grimy; a room with half-a-dozen liquid filled tanks hooked up to some kind of piping and machines which were big enough to hold a Giant Zentraedi in each; and which curiously had a human-sized tank at the base of each. All of this traveling took hours and eventually; finding a nook in the walls; the two took a break and ate a meal of rations and some of the water in their canteens and took a short rest, before resuming their search for the missing Defense Force pilots. Finally, they heard deep booming voices coming from a room near the tunnel and the pair moved quickly to a small, ‘mouse-hole’ opening and there, a very strange sight was in front of them….

The hole they were looking out of was big enough for them to fit through and looking out they saw a pair of Giant Zentraedi; one in the typical armor and weapons of a Foot Soldier; while the other had no armor or visible weapons and was in a purple uniform; instead of the green one that every other Giant they had seen had been wearing; and he was talking to the two missing pilots; in ENGLISH! The missing pilots were on a ledge that may have served as a desk or table for the Giants and was about 20 feet down from Kang and De Aza’s position; but directly across from them. (I.e. the Ledge spanned the width of the room and was directly below Dae-Han and Alex) The light purple-skinned Zentraedi officer began to interrogate the two pilots; who it quickly became apparent were named 2nd LT Sam Walker and 2nd LT Jerry Jameson. Jameson had an obviously broken leg; with part of the bone poking out through the skin and had clearly lost a lot of blood. Sam had torn off a sleeve from his uniform and done his best to tie a tourniquet around the wound; but Jameson had passed out and things weren’t looking good.

The Zentraedi officer barked out questions about ‘Protoculture’; how many transformable mecha were still on the ship; and perhaps most bizarrely, about where did Micronians come from. At first, Walker stuck to the ‘name, rank and serial number’ routine; while asking for medical attention for Jameson. In reply; the Zentraedi officer grew angry and casually picked up Jameson and crushed the life out of him and tossed the remains, messily, down on the ledge. At this, Sam snapped and in a panic, began to answer questions; though consciously or not; he stayed away from the military ones and stuck with the Protoculture and where Micronians come from questions. He honestly told them that he knew next to nothing about Protoculture; only that he had heard rumors it had something to do with the ‘alien clean-energy fuel’ that powered the mecha and that Micronians came from Earth. When the Zentraedi leader asked him more specifically on HOW Micronians became Micronians; Walker replied in a baffled voice that they were born this way, of course.

The Zentraedi became noticeably agitated by this and in an incredulous manner; asked from WHAT were Micronians born from and when poor Sam told him in confused tone that they came from a male and female parent; the Zentraedi lost it; looking to be a combination of angry and sick. He quickly whirled away and left the room; leaving the guard in the room as Walker collapsed in a heap in the corner; visibly at the break-point of exhaustion, horror, fear and confusion. Dae-Han and Alex knew that NOW was the time to act.

Kang; using a combination of his assault rifle and survival knife; began to hack away at the sheath covering a wire in the wall; and the sound drew the attention of both Walker and the Zentraedi soldier. Walker stayed as far back and away as he could; but the guard advanced, holding an Assault Rifle that looked to be about the same size as a Veritech’s Gunpod. Alex waited with her rocket launcher and took a deep breath….

The Guard poke his face down at the hole’s level and De Aza cut loose with a rocket (Luck Point spent here) that caught the poor soldier right between the eyes and blew chunks of gore on the ledge; further terrifying Walker and causing the Giant’s body to fall to the floor. Kang had finally managed to get the wire out of its sheath and used enough of it as an impromptu rope to lower to the ledge and climb down to get a shaky Walker and help him back to the ‘mouse hole’; and back on the hours long trip to the Hangar Bay.

Along the way, Sam finally got a hold of himself and spilled out that the interrogation had started right before Alex and Dae-Han had got there; and the officer’s name was apparently ‘Captain Thrajino’. De Aza and Kang shared a look; but said nothing to the poor Cat’s Eye Recon pilot and eventually, the trio reached the Hangar Bay. This time; the Hangar Bay had about half-a-dozen armored soldiers milling around and it was a VERY near thing that the three of them managed to make it to a Fighter Pod with an open cockpit. Climbing up and into the cockpit; the three of them were able to make sense of the controls fairly quickly; and they quickly powered the Fighter up and lowered the cockpit with Dae-Han flying the craft; Alex working the weapons and Sam working the sensors and comms gear.

Kang managed to swing the Fighter from side to side; mostly dodging the incoming fire from the soldiers while some of the rounds pinged off the hull of the craft. Alex cut loose with the triple energy cannon on the nose of the Fighter Pod; and quickly managed to thin out their opposition. Walker managed to figure out how to send the signal to open the airlock as De Aza fired off some missiles to destroy some of the Battlepods and Fighter Pods at rest in the Hangar Bay. She was a little crest-fallen when Kang told her that they wouldn’t count for her tally of victories.

Rocketing out of the Hangar bay and into space; Dae-Han; using his entire body to move the tree-sized Stick; managed to dodge the fire from the Zentraedi Cruiser (more expenditure of luck points here!); and soon; the triple-engined ship was well on its way towards the SDF-1; which Walker had managed to locate on the sensors. Switching over to a frequency used by the Defense Force; they sent out the message that they were friendlies and to PLEASE DON’T SHOOT THEM! A Veritech team soon came out and collected them and brought them back onboard; where they were more than a little surprised to learn that a similar incident had happened just the other day; only involving LCDR Hays and Vermilion Team of Skull Squadron!

Nevertheless; the acquisition of the Fighter Pod and the bravery shown in recovering LT Walker; as well as in escaping the enemy ship; led to Dae-Han Kang’s receiving of a second Platinum Sunburst medal; Alex De Aza receiving a Gold Sunburst Medal; and best of all; a ‘shore leave’ pass thru the end of the year.

Alex’s whirlwind relationship with Tiffany Snow ended as quickly as it had started; but she DID meet a much more serious-minded partner in Collin MacGregor; and it looked like THIS relationship might have a chance to turn into something special.

Dae-Han celebrated Christmas with his extremely pregnant wife Tatyana; and four days later was overjoyed to become the father of a son; Lu-Han Kang.

Rob Cole was finally released from the med bay and after a nice quiet holiday with Gladys; he was finally re-instated to active flight status and the three members of Sable Team all received newly constructed Veritech fighters and were once again out on patrol come January 1st, 2011….

Mid 2010
Battle at Mars Base SARA

Mid-2010 (July-ish)

Having succeeded in destroying an alien Capital ship and defeating numerous Fighter Pods and Battle Pods in the Battle of Saturn’s Rings; the SDF-1 uses the ‘slingshot effect’ of Saturn’s orbit to accelerate its trip back towards Earth and it briefly escapes from the alien Fleet hounding it for a few months. This leads to some well-deserved and needed down-time for the various Pilots and military crewmen of the ship.

2nd LT Dae-Han Kang has a small, quiet marriage ceremony to his (now-showing) pregnant fiance Tatyana Konovalova (now Kang); with his beaming Engineer Mom, recently-enlisted-in-the-Defense-Forces younger sister Chin-Sun ‘Sunny’ Kang; Black Aces Squadron leader LCDR Karl Hyde; and of course his fellow Sable Team members, 3rd LTs Alejandra ‘Alex’ De Aza and Robert ‘Rob’ Cole all in attendance.

Rob Cole, meanwhile had become a regular at a ‘hush-hush’ weekly poker game being run by a somewhat shady Defense Forces Marine Destroid pilot by the name of SGT Joe Rico; and when he wasn’t winning and losing money at the games, was drinking heavily; spending time with his brother and family; telling his young nephew William to avoid becoming a pilot at all costs and hanging out with a flight school buddy by the name of 2nd LT Beuregard ‘Bo’ Buchanan; who had been the top pilot in the flight class and had been assigned as an Instructor Pilot ever since. Bo was EXTREMELY frustrated at not being able to get into the thick of it; and he was a frequent drinking companion to Rob.

Alex; on the other hand; had fallen back in with one of her surviving Macross Island pre-war friends; a 22 year old semi-shady charmer by the name of Nestor ‘Nes’ Santiago. She had first met Nes way back when she first moved to Macross Island in 2005 when she was 14 and a freshman in high school and he was a senior at the same school. Nes had lost his younger brother to leukemia and his father had skipped out on the family when Nes was just a young boy. He was also a Spanish-speaking latino; like Alex; and the two of them quickly hit it off as surrogate siblings to each other. Nes was a big contributing factor in Alex’s moves towards a more and more tomboyish and slightly shady lifestyle. While she blossomed into a lovely woman late in her teens; she retained her attitudes and thus was a bit of a ‘bum’ in her first year after high-school; hanging around with Nes and company; instead of trying to go to college or get a real job.

After Macross Island; Nes had been drafted into the Defense Forces; but being the slick, resourceful young man that he is; he quickly pulled an assignment as an Enlisted Cook; and quickly figuring out the channels to get contraband foodstuffs to make hooch and getting the raw materials for setting up an underground bar/club. In the down-time after the Battle at Saturn; Alex joined in whole-heartedly and used her own connections and powers of persuasion to talk to her Video game arcade friend to get access to a whole floor of rooms above some abandoned shops in a building in Macross City; and with some of Nes’s CB (Construction Battalion) friends; they quickly knocked out a few walls, built a bar and had some tables and a dance floor set up to go with a private room in the back for card games. “Loch Nes” as the underground bar/modern-day Speak-easy became known; quickly gained in popularity due to word-of-mouth; and soon pilots and Destroid drivers and hard-working engineers were all coming in to drink hooch and lose money in card games and drunkenly dance and hit on the few women, like Alex, that frequented the place. Rico’s poker game quickly became a fixture at the place and one night; shortly after De Aza’s 20th birthday; all 3 members of Sable Team found themselves at “Loch Nes”; enjoying themselves and about to become participants in a bar-brawl….

Dae-Han Kang was enjoying his one-night ‘out with the fellas’ a week and away from his pregnant wife by coming to ‘Loch Nes’ and throwing back a few beers with some fellow Black Aces pilots while his fellow Sable Team members were off dancing on the floor (Alex) and playing poker in the back (Rob). Dae-Han watched as Alex came to the bar to get a drink from her friend Nes; the bartender; followed by a hulk of a drunk who was loudly trying to get her to come home with him.

At about the same time, Rob came out of the poker room, loudly accusing SGT Rico of cheating at card which led to a shoving match. Kang swore softly and got up to head over to the fracas when two things happened simultaneously. First; the big hulk grabbed De Aza’s backside; which led to a quick side kick to the big drunk; who stumbled over and fell onto a table of mostly drunk pilots from the rival Lion Squadron. At about the same time; Rob Cole shoved the loud-mouthed and possibly card-cheating SGT Rico after being shoved first and Rico fell back into a table of Marine Destroid pilots; and a pair of aces spilled out of the SGT’s sleeves; which quickly led to Rob and a few of the other poker players who had followed him out; to rush over in a haze of vengeance, oblivious to the annoyed Marines who were rising from their table after Rico crashed into it and spilled all of their drinks.

Naturally, chaos broke out….

Alex remembers quickly leaping over the bar and crouching down next to Nes, who just looked over at her and sighed ruefully while saying; “Well, little sister….I think we’re gonna need some new tables and glasses after tonight”…

Rob caught a punch to the ribs from Rico; but he more than made up for it by giving the Marine a right cross that dropped him like a stone. Unfortunately, he was then caught in the center of the melee; and a couple of inadvertent blows came his way as he shoved his way to the back door out of the club….

Dae-Han, knowing his new bride would be EXTREMELY upset if he got in trouble for being in a bar-brawl at an unauthorized club; moved quickly through the swirling mess to the front of the club; only having to cold-cock one pilot who tried to pick a fight with him and narrowly avoiding a thrown beer mug that almost connected with his head. Then he was free to the front door; and he quickly told Sven ‘Thor’ Larson; the bouncer; to get in there and get things under control. With a nod; the 6 foot infinity; close to 300 pound mountain of a man moved in and the chaos was rather quickly brought to order. As this was happening; Kang overheard a marine Senior Lieutenant (SRLT) by the name of Thomassen talking to a couple of others in the shadows; something about how they had to leave and make sure the MPs didn’t learn about the secret meeting of ‘their Organization’. Kang heard nothing more as Thomassen fled and everyone else either fled back to their quarters or helped with the clean up.

The day after the glorious bar-brawl; the SDF-1 was re-discovered by the aliens; who sent a “surrender now!” message; showing that they had clearly learned the English language; and also identified themselves as “The Zentraedi”. Captain Gloval simply ignored the message; but the crew soon learned that the ship was now on course for the planet Mars; to re-stock from materials at the abandoned SARA base. Combat patrols soon started again over the next few days; and Sable Team was once again flying sorties. About a week or so later; the SDF-1 had once again managed to seemingly shake off the pursuing enemy fleet and set down on Mars itself; quickly sending out patrols of Cats Eye recon planes; Vertiech fighters flying Combat Air Patrol; Destroids setting up a ground perimeter and dozens of cargo trucks and hundreds of CBs and engineers poring through every abandoned building on the base for every scrap of food stuffs; raw materials; and anything of any possible use for the battle-weary crew.

Just before touching down; an excitable Chin-Sun Kang came to see her brother and tell him the good news; she was flying on her first patrol in the Cat’s Eye Recon plane she had been assigned to. Dae-Han did his best to tell her to stay alert and focused and be careful; but he may as well have been talking to a wall; Chin-Sun wasn’t called “Sunny” for nothing. Off she went with a smile and a hop and skip in her gait. Dae-Han just shook his head and asked the Gods of War to be kind to his little sister. Then, Sable Team was off on patrol….

They were off in their assigned section a couple of hours later; marveling at flying under a sky again; albeit a red one; when a badly scrambled message came over the comms; “-going down…..traedi activity…may-day”; Kang knew INSTANTLY the badly static-filled message was from his sister’s plane. Pulling up his computer read-out; he quickly scanned and found out her assigned sector at a far-flung section of the Base; near a couple of hangars that were near a ridge line that fell off steeply into a narrow canyon on the other side. He sent a quick message to his squadron leader, LCDR Hyde about what had happened and was relieved to have his C.O. order his team to check it out; as he was going to do that no matter what the orders may have been. With that; Team Sable raced off to the sector and soon approached the area; seeing a trio of Destroids that I.F.F. read off as “Silver Squad”’; under the command of one SGT Rico.

At the edge of the ridge line; half on the ridge and half hanging over it; a Cat’s Eye Recon bird was crashed on the ground with most of its right wing shot off and one of the two crew members was struggling to pull the other crew member; either dead or unconscious out of the second cockpit. Kang was about to call for a report from Rico’s squad; which consisted of Rico’s Tomahawk; a Defender and a Spartan; when everyone’s Comms and Sensors were suddenly filled with white noise and electronic interference; a sure sign of being jammed by an enemy Recon Pod!

Sure enough; a moment later a wave of enemy Battlepods burst forth; led by one of the rarely encountered and feared Officer’s Pods! The rest of the group consisted of half-a-dozen Regular Pods; a Light Artillery Pod; a Heavy Artillery Pod and was in the back; a Recon Pod. The Enemy took the Destroid squad by surprise and a wave of Particle Beams and missiles quickly turned the Defender and the Spartan into balls of orange flame and scrap metal; and badly damaged Rico’s Tomahawk. The Pods all then landed at the Ridge edge and noticed the Veritech team headed their way and the battle began in earnest….

While the Recon Pod focused on jamming their long-range communications, sensors and fire-control systems; the Officer’s Pod jumped and twisted in the air; apparently studying this new threat before opening up with its ample armaments. The Light Artillery Pod turned towards Dae-Han’s Fighter while the Heavy Artillery Pod; with its two remaining medium missiles; turned towards Rob’s Pod. One of the half-dozen Battlepods turned to examine the crashed Cat’s Eye plane while two took aim at Alex, one took aim at Kang and the last at Cole.

Rob’s Veritech exploded into action before anyone else could react and his move took his fellow teammates as well as the Zentraedi completely by surprise. He detached and dumped all 12 of his missiles; transformed to Battloid mode and in mid-air; he slammed shoulder first into the wildly maneuvering Officer’s Pod. (His player spent a Luck point here) The move slammed the Officer’s Pod to the hard Martian surface with enough force to cause one of its twin-weapon equipped Arms to snap off and Cole landed on top of the Hangar, looking down upon the slowly rising Zentraedi Mecha as SGT Rico’s Tomahawk slid behind the Hangar and into cover…

Alex transformed to Guardian mode and cut loose with half-a-dozen missiles aimed at the Recon Pod and one of the two aiming at her fighter and she destroyed both with the salvo; raising her victory score to 13 and more importantly, getting rid of the jamming….

The Enemy Pods now reacted and the Light Artillery Pod sent half a dozen missiles at Kang’s Veritech while the Heavy Arty Pod sent its last two missiles at Rob’s Battloid. Kang managed to snap-roll and dodge the missile swarm while the twin medium missiles caught the edge of the Hangar where the sides joined the ceiling and exploding at the feet and legs of Cole’s machine; sending it tumbling to the ground next to the rising Officer’s Pod and leaving many of its systems damaged.

The Pods firing at Dae-Han and Rob missed; but De Aza’s Pod hit her with hits particle beam cannons; but failed to do much more than burn some paint and carbon-scoring into the armor of her fighter. The Pod nearest the crashed Cat’s Eye stepped and crushed/kicked the ruined plane over the side of the ridge and down into the Canyon; with the conscious crew-member just barely managing to dive and roll out of the way; while the other crew member unfortunately met their demise with the wreck of the plane. It was at that point that Dae-Han made a spectacular shot with a short-burst from his Gunpod that holed the offending Battlepod through the very top of its ‘main body compartment’; and causing the machine to freeze and then topple backwards onto the ridge-line edge and not move. (Kang’s player spent a Luck Point here as well).

The Officer’s Pod, took aim at the damaged, but slowly-getting-to-its-feet Battloid of Rob; and opened up with its Heavy Particle Cannon and its medium beam cannon and medium ballistic cannon. All three shots slammed into Cole’s veritech; and it was only by a minor miracle that Rob managed to yank the ejection handle before his machine erupted into a million pieces. His chair’s parachute deployed and he had to watch with great dismay as the Tomahawk of SGT Rico stepped out from behind the hangar and sent a blast from his own Heavy Particle Cannon that further damaged the Enemy Officer’s Pod and forced it to engage its thrusters and fly away, though not before opening up the external comms and in good English calling out; “You were worthy opponents today micronians; but you haven’t seen the last of Captain Kaujino!” Rico and Cole were both wondering the same thing; what the hell was a micronian?

Elsewhere on the battlefield Dae-Han and Alex were still in the thick of the fighting; with Kang cutting loose with a pair of bursts from his Gunpod that took out the two Artillery Pods while De Aza fired a long spray which dropped the two remaining Battlepods and ended the fight. As SGT Rico picked up a very annoyed-to-have-to-be-riding-with-HIM Rob; Kang was more than a little relieved to learn that the surviving crew-member of the fallen Cat’s Eye plane was his sister Sunny. De Aza opened her cockpit and let Sunny climb into her lap and the two Veritechs and Destroid set off back to the SDF-1; which apparently had been caught in some kind of gravity mine trap and under assault by a massive force of Pods while they had been engaged in their own little drama. Everyone returned to the ship and the SDF-1 managed to escape the trap at Mars and resume its trip towards Earth.

After a thorough review of the battle; while everyone agreed that Rob’s transformation to Battloid and mid-air tackle on the Officer’s Pod had been a remarkable maneuver; it had also been VERY ill-advised and poor Cole got quite the tongue-lashing from LCDR Hyde. However, for their fine combat record and ability to save Chin-Sun Kang and SGT Rico; everyone got a medal; the Platinum Sunburst for both Dae-Han and Alex; and the Gold Sunburst for Rob. In addition; both Dae-Han and De Aza were promoted; Kang to 1st LT and Alex to 2nd LT. Rob remained at 3rd LT; largely due to poor discipline.

In the weeks that followed the battle; Rob Cole had a bit of a life-crisis. Realizing how close to death he had come; he began the process of quitting drinking and started to attend church services. While there, he met Gladys Polinowski, a nice, shy civilian woman who worked as an X-ray technician; and the two began dating. He still couldn’t quite shake the need for a good card game though….

Alex threw herself back into making the ‘Loch Nes’ a wild and successful underground bar/club in her off-hours; working closely with Nes to do so. She began to consider expanding the establishment to possibly house a fighting ring of some-kind; as a way for those with pent-up aggression to let it out in a somewhat-safe environment. She also picked up a romantic partner; albeit it was only a brief fling; the swings-both-ways De Aza had a steamy, short-lived romance with an attractive Waitress/Dancer of ‘Loch Nes’ by the name of Tiffani Snow…

Dae-Han Kang celebrated his 23rd birthday by moving out of his barracks and into a 3 bedroom apartment overlooking the Macross Stadium in “downtown” Macross; along with his wife Tatyana and took every chance he could to relax and enjoy the peace and comfort of living with her before the war caught up to all of them again….

Early 2010
Battle at Saturn's Rings

Early 2010 (April-ish)

3rd LT Alex De Aza finishes up her 90 day boot-camp/flight training and upon becoming a full-fledged Veritech pilot in the Defense Force; she gets assigned to Sable Team of the Black-Aces squadron; to replace the recently killed-in-action 3rd LT Joe-Bob Smith (my other players gave him the wonderful first name(s) :) ).

After a few early combat patrols; Dae-Han has racked up 3 victories; Alex has 2 and Rob has made ace with 5! He immediately gains a point of Glory for accomplishing this feat. On the home-front; Dae-Han and his girlfriend Tatyana Konovalova have been together for a good 3 or so months now and it looks like its getting quite serious. Things move in a bit more of an ‘adult’ direction for the couple and with a roll on the Fertility chart (yes; I have such a table….for setting up heirs in the later parts of the saga); she gets pregnant. Because she is a good person; she tells Dae-Han (I also have charts for the personality types of romantic partners for the PCs; and some of them might keep such a fact secret from male PCs); and he starts thinking about getting engaged in the near future.

In the meantime; the SDF-1 has reached the orbit of Saturn and the Alien Fleet moves in with a couple of capital ships and when the Fortress attempts to fire the Main Guns; something goes wrong and weapon doesn’t work. Thinking quickly; CAPT Gloval orders the Robot-mode SDF-1 into the ice-rings while sending out the Veritechs as well in a calculated offensive move to try and bait the alien ships closer and then smash through them to get closer to home.

The Black Aces Squadron is assigned a position in the Rings which will guard the flank of the Fortress while she and Skull squadron and other Veritech groups will attack the main alien detachment; to guard against any crafty alien attacks from the rear. It’s not long before Sable Team spies its first group of enemies from its hidden position in the rings; a half-dozen Green Fighter Pods burning for the Fortress….

Team Sable allows the Fighter Pods to pass and then they explode out of the Ice Rings behind the alien craft and open up with a missile volley. Each Veritech fires on two different fighters in an attempt to eliminate the whole group quickly; and while Cole and Kang are conservative and fire one missile each at two different targets; De Aza fires half of her dozen missiles; three at each foe.

Cole and Kang both manage to hit one of their targets and in both cases they cripple the Enemy craft but don’t destroy them; while De Aza has a moment of amazing marksmanship and obliterates both of her targets in short-lived bright explosions as multiple missiles slam into the alien fighters.

The two cripples start to limp away from the fight while the two intact alien survivors turn to face the Earth mecha and each opens up with a missile swarm of half-a-dozen missiles; one swarm at Alex and one at Rob. Rob pulls off some amazing evasive maneuvers and manages to avoid all the missiles while Alex decides to attempt to shoot them down with a long burst from her gun-pod. Clearly; it is Alex’s day as she drills the missile swarm with a perfectly placed hail of 55mm slugs that detonate the missiles and leaves her Fighter untouched. Meanwhile Dae-Han closes the distance and fires a pair of missiles at one of the intact Fighters and manages to take it out.

The last fighter turns to run and does some jinking-and-juking in an attempt to evade; but Alex will NOT be denied and she closes the range and puts a long burst from her Gun-pod into the craft and when it explodes into a million pieces she screams out in joy as she racks up her 5th victory and makes Ace! (Point of Glory for Alex)

Dae-Han and Rob go after the cripples and with the enemy in no condition to get away or fight; they are easily destroyed by well-placed gunfire from the GU-11 pods after failing a Mercy/Vengeance passion roll.

With everyone smiling and basking in the moment of taking out half-a-dozen foes while not suffering so much as a scratch in return; the Team belatedly realizes that their sensors are being jammed and while searching around with the ol’ Mark I eyeballs; they suddenly see a swarm of Battlepods closing in!

Half-a-dozen Battlepods are closing on them while a Recon Pod stays back; jamming them with its powerful electronic gear; and a Light and Heavy Artillery Pod with another pair of Battlepods moves close to the SDF-1 in the cover of the Rings. The opening salvos from the Pod’s Particle Beam cannons hit all 3 Veritechs; leaving De Aza’s fighter lightly damaged; Cole’s heavily damaged and Kang’s luckily only grazed. Team Sable; suddenly humble; turns about to Fight….

Alex; quick to react; sprays a pair of Pods who are operating close to each other with a long burst from her gun pod and quickly adds to her score with another two victories. Rob; in his battered Fighter; launches a pair of missiles and misses one; but takes out another; and Dae-Han cuts loose with a long burst from his Gunpod as well; destroying one and damaging another. The remaining two Pods; one untouched and one damaged; fire back but they miss De Aza but manage to cripple Cole’s already battered fighter. In retaliation; Alex fires a pair of short bursts from her Gun Pod and destroys both of the remaining Pods; bringing her score up to 7 victories so far this mission while Dae-Han orders Rob to return to the SDF-1 while he races into the Rings to try and get the jump on the Artillery Pods before they get close enough to launch a sneak attack on the aft-end of the Fortress. The Recon Pod; unarmed; had accelerated at top speed away from the fight and into the rings; successfully evading the Defense Force mecha.

Dae-Han’s marksmanship hadn’t been great but his piloting is amazing and he zips and rolls through the ice-chunks as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do and he rapidly closes in on the Pod group (Kang’s player spent a Luck Point here). De Aza; from the edge of the Rings; moves in cautiously; but takes a long range shot at the Pods with her remaining missiles. While the shot is extremely difficult due to the range and the heavy clutter of the ice rings all around the targets; she does manage to hit one of the opponents, the Heavy Artillery Pod, and it is quickly blown into the path of a large ice-chunk where it meets its end is a short-lived spherical explosion. (Alex’s player spent a Luck point on this shot as well)

Dae-Han; now at short-range of the surviving three pods; snaps a long spray of rounds from his Gunpod and takes out the Light Artillery Pod and one of the two surviving Battlepods; while the last survivor in retaliation damages his VF-1J with a pair of well-placed Particle Beam shots. Alex has moved slowly into the rings and closed to Medium range as well; and she takes a well-aimed shot with the GU-11 that destroys the last Battlepod. Rob briefly struggled with his orders to leave the fight while his teammates were at risk and he recklessly decided to try and help but bringing his Fighter into the Rings as well. (He failed his Discipline/Reckless passion trait roll). After barely avoiding an almost certainly fatal-collision with some Ice Chunks (Cole’s player had to spend a Luck Point on a re-roll); he came to his senses and wisely left the Ice Rings and began the journey home.

The reunited team (De Aza and Dae-Han easily overtake Rob’s barely-moving fighter) head back to the SDF-1 and arrive just in time to see the ‘Daedalus Maneuver’ in action.

Alex IS awarded a Pilot’s Medal for her battle prowess; but sadly; neither Alex nor Rob manage to score a romantic partner in the wake of their new-found glory for heroism as the Battle of Saturn’s Rings.

Dae-Han Kang though suffers from a bit of a swelled head; as he falls in with some ‘false friend/entourage types and begins to neglect his pregnant girlfriend Tatyana. This leads to some fights; but Dae-Han manages to snap out of it and ditch the fake friends and makes up with and then proposes to Tatyana and she happily says ’Yes!’

Rob begins to go a bit into ‘lone-wolf’ mode as the realization that he nearly joined his Father in the KIA column on this last mission and he turns 21 soon after but tells no one; while Alex De Aza; with some of her surviving friends in Macross City; begin to seriously think about starting a nightclub/bar as Restaurants and other businesses begin to re-open all through the city; with the crew members of the Fortress realizing that they have a ready-made R&R town onboard their own ship!

Late 2009
Aliens attack Macross Island

Late 2009: Mid December, Macross Island in the south Pacific

Our Heroes include two military pilots:

-2nd LT Dae Han Kang; a 22 year old South Korean who grew up near a US military base (in South Korea) and always had American friends growing up; where he learned English; and whose mother is a noted Robotics Engineer who eventually got stationed on Macross to help out with the SDF 1. Dae Han went to the Defense Forces Academy (a 2 year institution) and graduated as a 3rd LT and Pilot. His first assignment was to the Lunar Base and there he learned all about flying in Space; on Lancer Space Fighters and he did so well; that after 2 years; he was promoted to 2nd LT and assigned to the Veritechs of Skull Squadron on Macross Island as the Leader of a 3 Fighter Team consisting of himself and 3rd LTs ‘Cochise’ Ironhorse and Joe Turnbull.

-3rd LT Robert ‘Rob’ Cole; a 20 year old recent graduate of the Academy who is the second son of a legendary US Navy ace; LCDR Roger ‘Ringo’ Cole; who died fighting the Anti-Unification League 5 years ago and whose older brother Randal is a military Doctor; and who lives on Macross with his wife (a school teacher) and young son William (Rob’s nephew who adores his Uncle). Rob was a bit of a juvenile delinquent after his much older brother left home and his father died; turning his mother into a drunk. Rob’s young nephew though gave the wild teenager an early wake-up call late in high school; and he decided to get his act together and follow in his Dad’s footsteps by becoming a pilot. He came out of the Academy as a highly-regarded pilot and has been assigned to learn how to fly Veritechs on Macross and is almost done his training when the action starts.

And 1 Civilian:

-Alejandra ‘Alex’ De Aza: a 19 year old girl who was born in Florida to a Dominican-American Father and a Cuban-American mother. Her father was employed by the U.S. military doing IT work; and they moved around a lot as a family from military base to military base. Alex’s mother died of breast cancer when she was 11; and the young girl grew up quite the tom-boy. She bloomed late in her teen years and is now quite a knockout; though still very athletic and mostly hangs out with boys where she plays video games and skates around the island with her friends; including Max Sterling at times.

The Saga Begins:

Launch Day is here and the festivities are about to commence and meanwhile Rob is flying in a two-man VF-1D Veritech Trainer; doing some gun-runs as the last part of training. He his flying with his instructor; when the instructor becomes exasperated at his poor marksmanship and orders him to return to base to reload for another go-round….

Dae Han meanwhile is feeling lucky that he was chosen to be a part of the demonstartion air-team; picked by his squadron leader LCDR Roy Fokker. He gets to show off his piloting skills for his visiting from college younger sister; when suddenly in the middle of the air-show; a fan-jet, expertly flown, crashes the party….

Alex is skating around the island with a few friends; poking fun at the tourists who have all arrived for the launch day fesitivities; when all hell breaks loose and a rain of energy bolts falls from the heavens all over the city and island. People are fried near her; buildings are turned to slag and rubble and all kinds of pandemonium busts loose. While her friends scatter; most heading for the shelters; she heads towards her Dad’s building on the base….

Rob had landed the Veritech and had watched as the gun-pod had been reloaded with another ammo casseste while his instructor had hopped out for a nature call before the next flight out to the gunnery range set up over the ocean. Then the bombardment happened; and the tower (along with his instructor pilot) was turned into a burning pile of rubble right before his eyes; along with many of the aircraft and other buildings nearby. While attempting to radio for orders; Rob isn’t surprised to find that all kinds of panicked voices are pretty much turning the comms channels useless; so he takes the initiative into his own hands and takes off in the Trainer Veritech; pulling up into the sky to see that all kinds of strange machines are suddenly HOPPING out of the ocean and into Macross City where they begin to open fire on anything and everything. Rob takes a deep breath and decides to do what he can to help out….

Dae Han had finished the show and was waiting for clearence to land when the attack suddenly dominated the sky all around him. He immediately calls for Cochise and Turnbull to form up with him and he pulls off to regroup with his team. He meets up with his two subordinates and is immensely relieved when he hears his squadron C.O. Roy Fokker come over the horn and tells the squadron that a group of enemy aircraft are coming down out of the sky and they are to intercept. He assigned a Sector to Dae Han’s team; and he acknowledge’s the order and heads over there; to find 5 of the triple-engined; green painted fighters approaching them. They do not respond to hails; and when they begin to attempt to get a lock-on at Dae Han and his wingmen; he orders his two Teammates to drop altitude and break right; while he goes high and to the left. The alien fighters split into two groups; with three sticking with him and the other two maneuvering to face his wingmen. Things are about to get interesting…..

Alex meanwhile has time to see the SDF-1 rise up; crash back down; and then rise up again while the city becomes engulfed in flames and bizarre two-legged giant machines crashing through it. The Defense Forces are responding; and weapons fire and sirens can be heard echoing all over the island. She makes it to the top of a slight ridge in town which overlooks the building her Dad works in; only to see the building collapsed and a two-legged alien machine standing on the rubble. Numb; she collapses in shock and an unknown amount of time passes with chaos spinning all around her. Finally, the sight of an APC rolling by with a soldier bravely firing a mounted Heavy machine-gun at the ‘knee’ joint of an alien walker which was chasing the APC while the alien machine fired some kind of energy cannons in return snapped Alex out of her daze. All of this was occuring about a block away from Alex. The leg of the Alien machine suddenly gave out under the heavy fire at about the same time one of the energy bolts from the walker lanced into the APC; causing it to crash and spill over onto its side….

Dae Han closes the range to the trio of enemy fighters and two of the enemy fighters accelerate towards him while firing thier triple nose cannons; while one hangs back and continues to attempt to get ‘tone’ on Kang’s fighter. Kang in return; fires a pair of missiles at one of the figthers and rolls to the side to avoid incoming fire. He succeeds in dodging the alien energy bolts coming his way; but his missiles miss as well. Meanwhile the third enemy fighter finnally manages to get a lock on and fires a pair of misiles while Dae Han sprays the other two fighters with his belly-mounted gun-pod. Dae Han’s shots fly true and one of the enemy fighters explodes into a fireball while the other has its wing sheared off and spirals down towards the ocean below. The remaining bogey’s missiles though fly close by and explode right off the side of his Veritech; pelting his fighter with fragments and leaving one side of the fighter smoking and covered in tiny holes. Kang manages to restore control to his damaged fighter and fires off a cluster of three missiles towards the last enemy fighter who decides to cut and run; successfully dodging the missiles while doing so. Kang attempts a brief pursuit; but his damaged fighter is in no condition and he soon breaks off to rejoin his wingmen; who have managed to destroy thier two opponents; though Turnbull has taken damage as well. Contacting the rest of Skull squadron; he soon gets the order to head back to the SDF-1; which is now in flight; to land and get thier planes patched up….

Rob spots a pair of the Enemy pod-like walkers stomping through the city; wrecking buildings and shooting at cars and peoples milling around in terror. In a fit of anger; he flies down towards them; but not wanting to add to the rampant destruction with a strafing run; he decides to change into Battloid mode and deal with these things up close and personal. He transforms and sets down near the two walkers; with one of them belatedly reacting to his arrival by attempting to turn and face him and getting met with a hail of 55mm shells from the now hand-held gun-pod. It explodes into a thousand pieces and the other alien machine turns and hops up and towards him; opening fire with a pair of energy bolts in mid-flight. One just barely misses Rob’s machine; while the other bolt just manages to graze his Battloid’s shoulder; but does no permanent damage. The Pod lands a couple dozen yards away and Rob decides to TACKLE the machine! His move catches the enemy completely by surprise and he slams the machine down onto its back; causing it to crack and parts of it to snap off. Rob then begins to look for a way to pry the machine open to see who or what is flying it; when the machine opens fire with its small pair of light autocannons. The weapons don’t manage to penetrate Rob’s Veritech; but they DO manage to scare him into firing a long-burst from his Gun-pod into the downed machine; causing it to explode and leaving the knowledge of what piloted the craft to remain a mystery. Soon after; Rob finally manages to get in touch with a LCDR Lisa Hayes of the SDF-1; who orders him to return to the ship; now airborne above Macross island. Rob transforms into Guardian mode and returns to base….

Alex rises to her feet and watches a pair of soldiers manage to struggle out of the APC; with one of them carrying an Assault Rifle when they both stop and look in horror over at the downed alien walker. A hatch had opened on the pod’s back and a 40 foot tall, humanoid giant in some kind of purplish-green armor was rising out of it. One of the soldiers began to frantically look in the wreckage of the APC while the other dashed across the street to take up cover behind a parked car. Alex snapped out of her funk and ran over to the soldier still looking through his downed vehicle; to find that he was trying to free a clip-fed rocket launcher. She helped him get it out of the APC while she suddenly heard the sounds of the Assault Rifle firing. She rose up; along with the soldier with his Rocket launcher; just in time to see the rifle-wielder emptying his clips into the giant alien’s armored chest and then turning to run before being turned into a pile of goo as the giant alien callously crushes the soldier by stepping on him. The Rocket Launcher carrying soldier shoves Alex down and to the side and fires on the Giant; but misses as the Giant turns abruptly and swings out a rifle that looks like a telephone pole and fires a burst that shreds the soldier and the remnants of the wrecked APC; and leaves poor Alex on the ground with her ears ringing. She watches the alien trooper nonchalantly turning his back on the scene and striding down the street and a sudden flash of rage and sorrow and adrenaline over takes her as she rushes over to the pulped soldier and pries up the Rocket Launcher, steadies it over her shoulder, takes aim and with a scream of rage she pulls the trigger and sends a rocket streaking into the back of the alien’s helmeted head; which proceeds to explode in a shower of gore; dropping the alien to the ground like a puppet with cut strings. Soon after; an ambulance comes by; and she helps out with rescuing some shell-shocked survivors and taking them to the shelters….

Soon after; the famous/infamous Fold event happens; and our heroes find themselves out at the very edge of the solar system. Over the next few months; Dae Han’s team is broken up due to the need for spreading experienced pilots throughout the reorganized squadrons; and he finds himself in the ‘Black Aces’ squadron; with a couple of young 3rd LTs as his new wingmen; Joe-Bob Smith (yeah, his parents had no imagination) and Rob Cole. Meanwhile; Alejandra quickly decides to join the Defense Forces and all her time spend on Flight Sim games pays off; as she is quickly selected for Flight School and 12 weeks later; she is a newly minted 3rd LT and assigned to 2nd LT Kang’s flight to replace the lost LT Smith; who was killed in action in one of the sporadic engagements between the aliens and the valiant crew of the SDF-1 as they begin the long trip home; since the Fold engines vanished after thier first use.

Also in the weeks following the craziness of Launch Day; Dae Han Kang manages to start a romantic relationship with a civilian lady by the name of Tatyana Konovalova in the rebuilt city of Macross inside the ship; and so far; they both seem quite happy with how things are going.

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