Robotech: Sable Saga

Late 2009

Aliens attack Macross Island

Late 2009: Mid December, Macross Island in the south Pacific

Our Heroes include two military pilots:

-2nd LT Dae Han Kang; a 22 year old South Korean who grew up near a US military base (in South Korea) and always had American friends growing up; where he learned English; and whose mother is a noted Robotics Engineer who eventually got stationed on Macross to help out with the SDF 1. Dae Han went to the Defense Forces Academy (a 2 year institution) and graduated as a 3rd LT and Pilot. His first assignment was to the Lunar Base and there he learned all about flying in Space; on Lancer Space Fighters and he did so well; that after 2 years; he was promoted to 2nd LT and assigned to the Veritechs of Skull Squadron on Macross Island as the Leader of a 3 Fighter Team consisting of himself and 3rd LTs ‘Cochise’ Ironhorse and Joe Turnbull.

-3rd LT Robert ‘Rob’ Cole; a 20 year old recent graduate of the Academy who is the second son of a legendary US Navy ace; LCDR Roger ‘Ringo’ Cole; who died fighting the Anti-Unification League 5 years ago and whose older brother Randal is a military Doctor; and who lives on Macross with his wife (a school teacher) and young son William (Rob’s nephew who adores his Uncle). Rob was a bit of a juvenile delinquent after his much older brother left home and his father died; turning his mother into a drunk. Rob’s young nephew though gave the wild teenager an early wake-up call late in high school; and he decided to get his act together and follow in his Dad’s footsteps by becoming a pilot. He came out of the Academy as a highly-regarded pilot and has been assigned to learn how to fly Veritechs on Macross and is almost done his training when the action starts.

And 1 Civilian:

-Alejandra ‘Alex’ De Aza: a 19 year old girl who was born in Florida to a Dominican-American Father and a Cuban-American mother. Her father was employed by the U.S. military doing IT work; and they moved around a lot as a family from military base to military base. Alex’s mother died of breast cancer when she was 11; and the young girl grew up quite the tom-boy. She bloomed late in her teen years and is now quite a knockout; though still very athletic and mostly hangs out with boys where she plays video games and skates around the island with her friends; including Max Sterling at times.

The Saga Begins:

Launch Day is here and the festivities are about to commence and meanwhile Rob is flying in a two-man VF-1D Veritech Trainer; doing some gun-runs as the last part of training. He his flying with his instructor; when the instructor becomes exasperated at his poor marksmanship and orders him to return to base to reload for another go-round….

Dae Han meanwhile is feeling lucky that he was chosen to be a part of the demonstartion air-team; picked by his squadron leader LCDR Roy Fokker. He gets to show off his piloting skills for his visiting from college younger sister; when suddenly in the middle of the air-show; a fan-jet, expertly flown, crashes the party….

Alex is skating around the island with a few friends; poking fun at the tourists who have all arrived for the launch day fesitivities; when all hell breaks loose and a rain of energy bolts falls from the heavens all over the city and island. People are fried near her; buildings are turned to slag and rubble and all kinds of pandemonium busts loose. While her friends scatter; most heading for the shelters; she heads towards her Dad’s building on the base….

Rob had landed the Veritech and had watched as the gun-pod had been reloaded with another ammo casseste while his instructor had hopped out for a nature call before the next flight out to the gunnery range set up over the ocean. Then the bombardment happened; and the tower (along with his instructor pilot) was turned into a burning pile of rubble right before his eyes; along with many of the aircraft and other buildings nearby. While attempting to radio for orders; Rob isn’t surprised to find that all kinds of panicked voices are pretty much turning the comms channels useless; so he takes the initiative into his own hands and takes off in the Trainer Veritech; pulling up into the sky to see that all kinds of strange machines are suddenly HOPPING out of the ocean and into Macross City where they begin to open fire on anything and everything. Rob takes a deep breath and decides to do what he can to help out….

Dae Han had finished the show and was waiting for clearence to land when the attack suddenly dominated the sky all around him. He immediately calls for Cochise and Turnbull to form up with him and he pulls off to regroup with his team. He meets up with his two subordinates and is immensely relieved when he hears his squadron C.O. Roy Fokker come over the horn and tells the squadron that a group of enemy aircraft are coming down out of the sky and they are to intercept. He assigned a Sector to Dae Han’s team; and he acknowledge’s the order and heads over there; to find 5 of the triple-engined; green painted fighters approaching them. They do not respond to hails; and when they begin to attempt to get a lock-on at Dae Han and his wingmen; he orders his two Teammates to drop altitude and break right; while he goes high and to the left. The alien fighters split into two groups; with three sticking with him and the other two maneuvering to face his wingmen. Things are about to get interesting…..

Alex meanwhile has time to see the SDF-1 rise up; crash back down; and then rise up again while the city becomes engulfed in flames and bizarre two-legged giant machines crashing through it. The Defense Forces are responding; and weapons fire and sirens can be heard echoing all over the island. She makes it to the top of a slight ridge in town which overlooks the building her Dad works in; only to see the building collapsed and a two-legged alien machine standing on the rubble. Numb; she collapses in shock and an unknown amount of time passes with chaos spinning all around her. Finally, the sight of an APC rolling by with a soldier bravely firing a mounted Heavy machine-gun at the ‘knee’ joint of an alien walker which was chasing the APC while the alien machine fired some kind of energy cannons in return snapped Alex out of her daze. All of this was occuring about a block away from Alex. The leg of the Alien machine suddenly gave out under the heavy fire at about the same time one of the energy bolts from the walker lanced into the APC; causing it to crash and spill over onto its sideā€¦.

Dae Han closes the range to the trio of enemy fighters and two of the enemy fighters accelerate towards him while firing thier triple nose cannons; while one hangs back and continues to attempt to get ‘tone’ on Kang’s fighter. Kang in return; fires a pair of missiles at one of the figthers and rolls to the side to avoid incoming fire. He succeeds in dodging the alien energy bolts coming his way; but his missiles miss as well. Meanwhile the third enemy fighter finnally manages to get a lock on and fires a pair of misiles while Dae Han sprays the other two fighters with his belly-mounted gun-pod. Dae Han’s shots fly true and one of the enemy fighters explodes into a fireball while the other has its wing sheared off and spirals down towards the ocean below. The remaining bogey’s missiles though fly close by and explode right off the side of his Veritech; pelting his fighter with fragments and leaving one side of the fighter smoking and covered in tiny holes. Kang manages to restore control to his damaged fighter and fires off a cluster of three missiles towards the last enemy fighter who decides to cut and run; successfully dodging the missiles while doing so. Kang attempts a brief pursuit; but his damaged fighter is in no condition and he soon breaks off to rejoin his wingmen; who have managed to destroy thier two opponents; though Turnbull has taken damage as well. Contacting the rest of Skull squadron; he soon gets the order to head back to the SDF-1; which is now in flight; to land and get thier planes patched up….

Rob spots a pair of the Enemy pod-like walkers stomping through the city; wrecking buildings and shooting at cars and peoples milling around in terror. In a fit of anger; he flies down towards them; but not wanting to add to the rampant destruction with a strafing run; he decides to change into Battloid mode and deal with these things up close and personal. He transforms and sets down near the two walkers; with one of them belatedly reacting to his arrival by attempting to turn and face him and getting met with a hail of 55mm shells from the now hand-held gun-pod. It explodes into a thousand pieces and the other alien machine turns and hops up and towards him; opening fire with a pair of energy bolts in mid-flight. One just barely misses Rob’s machine; while the other bolt just manages to graze his Battloid’s shoulder; but does no permanent damage. The Pod lands a couple dozen yards away and Rob decides to TACKLE the machine! His move catches the enemy completely by surprise and he slams the machine down onto its back; causing it to crack and parts of it to snap off. Rob then begins to look for a way to pry the machine open to see who or what is flying it; when the machine opens fire with its small pair of light autocannons. The weapons don’t manage to penetrate Rob’s Veritech; but they DO manage to scare him into firing a long-burst from his Gun-pod into the downed machine; causing it to explode and leaving the knowledge of what piloted the craft to remain a mystery. Soon after; Rob finally manages to get in touch with a LCDR Lisa Hayes of the SDF-1; who orders him to return to the ship; now airborne above Macross island. Rob transforms into Guardian mode and returns to base….

Alex rises to her feet and watches a pair of soldiers manage to struggle out of the APC; with one of them carrying an Assault Rifle when they both stop and look in horror over at the downed alien walker. A hatch had opened on the pod’s back and a 40 foot tall, humanoid giant in some kind of purplish-green armor was rising out of it. One of the soldiers began to frantically look in the wreckage of the APC while the other dashed across the street to take up cover behind a parked car. Alex snapped out of her funk and ran over to the soldier still looking through his downed vehicle; to find that he was trying to free a clip-fed rocket launcher. She helped him get it out of the APC while she suddenly heard the sounds of the Assault Rifle firing. She rose up; along with the soldier with his Rocket launcher; just in time to see the rifle-wielder emptying his clips into the giant alien’s armored chest and then turning to run before being turned into a pile of goo as the giant alien callously crushes the soldier by stepping on him. The Rocket Launcher carrying soldier shoves Alex down and to the side and fires on the Giant; but misses as the Giant turns abruptly and swings out a rifle that looks like a telephone pole and fires a burst that shreds the soldier and the remnants of the wrecked APC; and leaves poor Alex on the ground with her ears ringing. She watches the alien trooper nonchalantly turning his back on the scene and striding down the street and a sudden flash of rage and sorrow and adrenaline over takes her as she rushes over to the pulped soldier and pries up the Rocket Launcher, steadies it over her shoulder, takes aim and with a scream of rage she pulls the trigger and sends a rocket streaking into the back of the alien’s helmeted head; which proceeds to explode in a shower of gore; dropping the alien to the ground like a puppet with cut strings. Soon after; an ambulance comes by; and she helps out with rescuing some shell-shocked survivors and taking them to the shelters….

Soon after; the famous/infamous Fold event happens; and our heroes find themselves out at the very edge of the solar system. Over the next few months; Dae Han’s team is broken up due to the need for spreading experienced pilots throughout the reorganized squadrons; and he finds himself in the ‘Black Aces’ squadron; with a couple of young 3rd LTs as his new wingmen; Joe-Bob Smith (yeah, his parents had no imagination) and Rob Cole. Meanwhile; Alejandra quickly decides to join the Defense Forces and all her time spend on Flight Sim games pays off; as she is quickly selected for Flight School and 12 weeks later; she is a newly minted 3rd LT and assigned to 2nd LT Kang’s flight to replace the lost LT Smith; who was killed in action in one of the sporadic engagements between the aliens and the valiant crew of the SDF-1 as they begin the long trip home; since the Fold engines vanished after thier first use.

Also in the weeks following the craziness of Launch Day; Dae Han Kang manages to start a romantic relationship with a civilian lady by the name of Tatyana Konovalova in the rebuilt city of Macross inside the ship; and so far; they both seem quite happy with how things are going.



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